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Kue-harvest-hello-kitty, what's that in the sky it's a bird it's a plane it's hello kitty! eva air and sanrio have teamed up to launch hello kitty themed jets to fly from taipei to destinations in asia the plane is a. Here's your chance to say "hello" to hello kitty the worldwide cult phenom born in japan that actually isn't a cat at all when the hello kitty cafe truck makes three southern california stops the, an organic farmer in hong kong partnered with the japanese company sanrio to create a hello kitty themed organic farm where they can plant and harvest their own crops the farm is also home to.

Hello kitty's supercute friendship festival! going beyond a traditional live stage show this event offers a unique multi component walk around festival atmosphere for sanrio fans of all ages hello, the hello kitty cafe truck is coming back full of cute treats and talks about at his one year project to eat only what he can grow in his garden or harvest naturally in central florida. Patrizia torti whose family owns the winery said some people from sanrio tasted her family's wine at a restaurant then contacted her to produce a hello kitty wine her family has been setting aside, the hello kitty melons are created by carving the image on the surface of the fruit approximately one month before harvest during the final weeks of growth the hollow grooves take on the same colour.

Rancho cucamonga >> the hello kitty cafe truck made its debut in the inland empire rolling into victoria gardens on saturday at least 300 people lined up on saturday morning on a partially closed, the decision to partner with sanrio for hello kitty branded wine is not without precedent torti winery has been designating a portion of its harvest for the european and asian markets since 2007.

The torti family created its sparkling ros for hello kitty by blending two choice pinot noir and chardonnay samples the winery's white wine is also crafted from its pinot noir harvest so its, sanrio puroland better known as hello the harvest and ward off bad spirits but recently in japan it has become known as an event associated with cosplaying and is increasingly popular among